Democratically elected president of Haiti in December of 1990 with 67% of the votes, father Jean-Bertrand Aristide was overthrown barely a year later by the military coup of Raoul Cedras, that left 3000 dead. Forced in exile, Jean-Bertrand Aristide settled in Washington. In order to deal with the country’s business, he appointed, in Haiti, a prime minister suitable for everyone, Robert Malval. The film, shot in March-April 1994, before the return of Aristide in Haiti, question the relationship between the two men, these two «chiefs», once seemingly associates, but opposed in characters and worldview. The camera examine both men, where they have authority : Aristide in Washington, Malval in Port-au-Prince. They each justify themselves and settles their scores. From a distance.



Director : Raoul Peck
Producers : KS visions, Velvet Film, La Sept ARTE, La Sept ARTE
Country of origin : Allemagne, France
Length : 55′
Year : 1994


Voice of : Raoul Peck


1995 : Images en bibliothèques : Paris : Film supported by the National Media Library Selection Commission