In the infinite nighttime beauty of the African savannah, two men have been given the task of cutting up three dead bodies. Then burn them. And then bury them. So ends Patrice Lumumba’s life, the man who was the first Prime Minister of the newly independent Republic of the Congo for just three months. But this is also where his story begins…



Director : Raoul Peck, assisted by Jacques Cluzaud
Written by : Raoul Peck, Pascal Bonitzer and Dan Edelstein
Producer : Jacques Bidou
Soundtrack : Jean-Claude Petit
Director of phtography : Bernard Lutic
Edited by : Jacques Comets
Country : France
Year : 2000


Eriq Ebouaney : Patrice Lumumba
Alex Descas : Joseph Mobutu
Théophile Sowié : Maurice Mpolo
Maka Kotto : Joseph Kasa-Vubu
Dieudonné Kabongo : Godefroid Munongo
Pascal N’Zonzi : Moïse Tshombe


2000 : Festival Cannes : The Directors’ Fortnight