Since 1996 and 2002 respectively, the USA and Canada are leading a policy of systematic deportation of every foreign resident who committed a crime on their territories. This goes for violent crimes to simple drunk driving or petty theft condamnations. «Deported» follows the return in Haiti of these men, North Americans offenders, deported to their home country : Haiti, a country they don’t know and that don’t want them.



Directors : Chantal Regnault & Rachèle Magloire
Type : Documentaire
Filmed by : Rachèle Magloire
Editor : Rachèle Magloire
Music : Richard Barbot, JayBee, Lord Duice
Producers : Fanal Productions, Velvet Films
Year : 2012
Length : 72′


Black International Cinema, Berlin : Best movie
2014 : FEMI, Festival Régional & International du Cinéma de Guadeloupe : Price RFO of best documentary
2013 : Festival Vues d’Afrique : Best documentary/ Price in the cathegory « People’s right »