Desounen is a journey in Haiti that takes us to different places in different ways, to meet people fighting and not giving up. People who uses inventiveness, creativity and wisdom in order to survive or rather not to die. People who don’t want to leave their country. Desolation lead to exil, but migration also express a need for happiness, of quality of life, of dream. Anacia sells charcoal bags in order to live and to pay her son Arisnel studies. Maxime is back in the country after studying in France. In Lully, Madame Kléber tells the sinking of the ferry near Cuba’s shores that took her children who left illegally. She still dreams to this day to see her family in Miami.



Direcctos : Raoul Peck
Producers : La Sept ARTE, KS visions, Velvet Film, BBC, ARTE
Supported by : CNC, Procirep
Country of origin : France
Year : 1994
Length : 54′


Adeline Herisse Kleber
Maxime Roumer
Alphonse Pierre-Louis
Narration : Raoul Peck