Joseph Bossuet is a poet from Haiti now living in exil in Brooklyn, New York. He has spent seven years in prison under the Duvalier dictatorship. One day, he recognizes one of his torturer. Recovering from the experience, he begins to examine his past.


Director / Written by : Raoul Peck
Director of photography : Michel Chin
Edited by :Aïlo Auguste-Judith
First assistant : Gabriele Mattner
Sound : George Leong, Sekou Sheppard
Soundtrack : Mino Cinélu
Producers : ZDF, Velvet Film


Patrick Rameau : Joseph
George Wilson : Hegel
Toto Bis-sainthe : La mère
Aïlo Auguste-Judith : Sarah
Emile St Lot : Théodor
Jean-Claude Michel : Jolicoeur
Hegel Gouthier : Wilson


Was nominee in 25 International Film Festival


1988 : Price Images Caraïbes : Best Feature Film
1988 : Locarno Film Festival : Specal Mention
1988 : Puerto Rico Film Festival : Best actor
1989 : Montreal Vues d’Afrique Festival : Special Mention