As they have passed the ENA grand oral entry, Caroline, Matt, Abel, Laure and her brother Louis are proudly sitting on the benches of the most prestigious French Graduate School, determined to change the world. In the fall of 1977, the government’s majority and the presidency have been on the right side for more than twenty years and those of the Voltaire promotion vow to make a system they consider inegalitarian and obsolete evolve from the inside. Starting with the one who governs their school … But their years at the ENA, where victories and disillusions take turns, are only a rehearsal of what awaits them on their way out, in 1980: the first round of a fierce struggle for power.



Director : Raoul Peck
Authors : Aaron Barzman, Ève de Castro, Peter Kosminsky, Didier Lacoste et Raoul Peck
Producers : Hervé Chabalier, Claude Chelli et Christiane Graziani
Soundtrack : Aleksei Aigi
Director of photography : Éric Guichard
Set designer : Olivier Seiler
Costume designer : Paule Mangenot
Edited by: Martine Barraqué
Casting : Sylvie Brocheré
Producers : Capa Drama, Canal+, Arte France
Broadcast : Canal+
Broadcating date : 19th and 26th of January 2009 on Canal+, 1st of July 2012 on Arte
Country of origin : France


Celine Sallette : Laure de Cigy
Elodie Navarre : Caroline Séguier
Emilie Deville : Ana Karonski
Julien Héteau : Jérôme
Linda Hardy : Mathilde Weber
Robinson Stévenin : Abel Karnonski
Thibault Vinçon : Matt Ribero
Valentin Merlet : Louis de Cigy