In 1962, a Haitian child joined his parents, working in Congo, formerly Belgian, newly independent. Two years earlier, Patrice Lumumba, a mythical figure of Congolese independence, was killed in Katanga. From a photograph found by his mother where the Congolese leader appears, the child, turned filmmaker, realizes thirty years later, a very personal and sensitive film where biography and history, testimonies and archives constitute the frame of a reflection around the figure of Lumumba, his political assassination, the media and the memory.


Director : Raoul Peck
Writen by : Raoul Peck
Director of photography : Matthias Kälin Philippe Ros
Sound : Eric Vaucher Martin Witz
Edited by: Aïlo Auguste-Judith Raoul Peck Eva Schlensag
Producer : Velvet Film
Length : 69′
Broadcated in France : 1990


Voice of : Raoul Peck


1992 : Friburg Film Festival :  Best documentary
1992 : PanAfrica International Film Festival, Canada : Best documentary
1992 : Cinéma du réel, France : Procirep price