In a fortress perched on the top of a mountain, a democratically elected « President » and his closest collaborators are getting ready for a state celebration. Foreign chiefs of state and dignitaries of all sorts are expected. But in the morning of the event, he wakes up to find the country inflamed the streets in turmoil. As the day goes on, rebellion worsens. Meanwhile, expected guests are withdrawing from the party one after another…


Technical specification

Director : Raoul Peck
Written by : Raoul Peck et Jean-René Lemoine
Director of phototography : Eric Guichard
Soundtrack : Alexeï Aïgui
Broacast date : 10 septembre 2010 on Arte
Length : 107′
Country of orign : France, Haiti


Zinedine Soualem : Jean de Dieu Théogène, the président
Sonia Rolland : Michaëlle
Mireille Métellus : Rachel Corvington
Nicole Dogué : Anne Labuche
Gessica Geneus : Odette Vilbrun
Oris Erhuero : John Baker
Tasha Homan : Sharon Temple
Elli Medeiros : the singer