“I come from a country which theoretically doesn’t exist. […] I come from a country whose history is a burden, where daily life no longer makes any sense. […] Capital has won. […] It has persuaded most of its foes that their failure was in the order of things. Capital has won. Well, it says it’s won. […]… ́Between Port-à-Piment in Haiti, New York and Paris, Profit, and Nothing but offers us the filmmaker’s critical thoughts about notions of profit, history, political struggle and the Third World’s place in this struggle.


Director : Raoul Peck
Producer : JBA Production, Entre chien et loup, ARTE France, RTBF
Country of origin : Belgique, France
Year : 2001
Length : 57′


Voice of : Raoul Peck


2001 : Images en bibliothèques, Paris : Film supported by the National Media Library Selection Commission