A Small country town in Papa Doc’s Haiti. A period of bloody dictatorship during which entire families are wiped out, massacred, victims of an arbitrary regime. 8-year-old Sarah’s parents are forced to flee Haiti Under Duvalier. Sarah’s father, a discredited officer, entrusts Sarah and her two sisters to their grandmother. For the time being secure from the violent and impulsive Janvier, who is bent on Revenge and dedicated to the regime, Sarah creates a world of her own. A world full of fantasy, mystery and rituals. Thirty years later, Sarah’s memories of these years are haunted by nightmares which recall a man by the shore that put an end to her childhood.



Directors : Raoul Peck
Written by : Raoul Peck et André Grall
Edited by : Jacques Comets
Soundtrack : Amos Coulanges, Dominique Dejean
Director of photography : Armand Marco
Sound : Eric Devulder
Costume designer : Chantal Bourigot
Producers : Forum Films International, Blue films, Velvet Film, Les Productions du regard
Country of origin : Haïti
Length : 107′


Jennifer Zubar : Sarah
Toto Bissainthe : Grossmutter
Jean-Michel Martial : Janvier
Patrick Rameau : Gracieux:Sorel
François Latour : François Jansson
Michèle Marcelin : Frau Janvier


1993 : Cannes Festival : 6 nominations